Saturday, April 11, 2009

My 22nd ....

So here's the few highlights to the day:

* got to see my cousin whom I haven't seen since '05 and she hasn't changed a bit, if anything is ever more beautiful!

* got to hear from several close friends and family today

*collected a few more postcards

* got some pics of the landscape as he drove

Besides that it was just another day of driving .... We're stopping in about 45 minutes, can't remember the town name .... Ah, Sydney! So yeah .... Besides my butt in a lil pain and my feet starting to ache from being in my shoes since 7 this AM we're not too bad .... I've found I'm beginning to long for a job .... Not that I didn't want one before but .... Maybe I should say I'm getting *excited* about working again! It will be nice to save whatever of my paycheck is left after bills for upcoming birthdays, an anniversary and holidays .... And I've thought of the garage sale I'll be having after our stuff arrives, I hope some decent $ is made there so we have at least that but more til jobs are secured which I hope isn't far from now .... I want to wait to get settled this week before starting to hit the pavement so-to-speak but I hope also to somehow be able to smoothly juggle moving our stuff after it arrives and working, we'll see how it works out ....

Anyways, more tomorrow, hopefully news of having arrived!! We shall see .... For now, gotta watch the road, half hour away now! Take care!! : )
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